• Reiki is a technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation. Reiki promotes and aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation.  Reiki is a form of energy healing that considers the whole person in body, mind, spirit and soul in the quest for optimal health and wellness, you an also use other healings such as chakra healing,  angel healing, chakra balance and healing. Fran is also Psychic Card Reader using tarot, angel, and oracle cards.

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How to Host a Psychic Tarot Party

Psychic Tarot Party Fees 




JANUARY 15  2018

What is Psychic Card Readings

​The cards can provide us with guidance or clarification of our own thinking or intuition. This is a great way of processing your thoughts and feelings to make empowered decisions based on a process of clarification, empowerment and guidance. They can also give you a clear path of guidance only and you ultimately have a choice of your own future path… Please keep in mind this is for entertainment purposes only…

Duration of the Reading/Number of Questions - When getting a Psychic Card Readings online, always consider the amount of time you’re able to spend with the reader.  Per-minute or prepaid services will limit your reading duration according to the amount of credit you have or how much you paid for the appointment.  If you have 5 minutes or less, one question will be answered and if your reader works very quickly, you may be able to ask a follow-up question.  If you have multiple questions on different areas of life, expect your reader to do multiple spreads. Doing multiple spreads tends to take a little time, so allow at least 10-15 minutes for two or three questions.

If possible, allow a little extra time for any follow up questions you may have or clarification you may need while you’re speaking to the reader.  Sessions of 30 minutes or longer are ideal because they allow time for multiple spreads, multiple questions, and leave time for additional questions should they come up.

The quality of your reading depends on whether you allow Fran the time needed to do her work, so while it may be tempting to squeeze two or three questions into a 5-minute reading, it’s really best not to.  It not only scatters the focus of the reading but also puts Fran under pressure, which may cause her to overlook or omit bits of information that may be important.

Having a tarot reading on-line using Skype or even using the phone for example can be a wonderful and insightful experience and if you follow the guidelines above, you should be able to relax enough like you are at the actual reading in person; and asking the questions will just flow; if Fran doesn’t give you answers before you ask the questions…as well as a having a positive experience and finding you are quite comfortable,  if you take a few moments to look at your questions and the sort of guidance or information you need, you can even have a list available so you don’t forget your questions as each question is important and that is why you are requiring the reading. 

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  • Fran' Mobile Psychic and Healing and/or Parties, are Again Available due to her many inquiries 

  • Psychic Card Reading or a Reiki Healing or even both at your next Party or Event... 

  • Are you planning a party or event in Canberra and Surrounding Regions - want something that’s a little ‘different’?

  • Want something that will be different for be different for your guests?

  • Are you ready to add a little mystery and intrigue to your next event?

  • Want something that will ‘wow’ your guests? 

  • Have a Party with a difference like a Psychic Card Reading or a Natural Energy Healing Party

  • Are you ready to add a little mystery and intrigue to your next event?

  • Whether you’re planning a hens’ night, corporate event, girls’ night in, Christmas party, festival, market, opening of shop or any other fun event, give your guests something to remember with a Psychic Card Reading or a Reiki Healing or even both at your next Party/Event... 

  • While I’m personally available for parties in ACT and Surrounding Regions, I highly recommend that you book ahead to get your desired dates...

  • Fran's Tarot Readings and Healings at parties and events are always an incredibly popular and fun one-on-one entertainment.  The readings create talking points and ice-breakers, allowing the guests to explore more about them-selves.  A queue of intrigued and hopeful clients appears swiftly! And is a lot of fun...
  • Fran is an open-minded, warm, engaging and an accurate tarot reader.  She is popular at a wide variety of parties and events, Shop Openings and Expos is comfortable in the company of anyone from all walks of life.  She has been wonderfully successful at Friends Parties and Events lots of different Aged Birthdays, Elderly Ladies and Gentlemen’s functions - these are a laugh and a half, family gatherings and hen’s nights. Parties for all ages over 18yrs... 

  • Fran has over 30yr experience with the tarot, and she uses natural intuition to give intuitive guidance.  She draws upon a wealth of study and practice in spirituality and is also a certified in Alternative and Holistic Health. She channels what your true soul wants to guide you in the right direction and reveal all the possibilities. 

  • She is available to travel to venues and homes all over Canberra, ACT and surrounding areas...however Fran may bring a colleague to assist. 



Arrangements can be made for Fran to travel to you; however prices will change as there will be a booking fee* and travel fee*

Psychic Party Booking prices 1 to 6 people one being the hostess $70.00* for group of 5 with hostess free only if a booking is made same day for further party of 5 (subject to following through with booking)…If less than this then price will be $80.00* each for 30 to 45 mins reading.​

Booking Fee* = $60.00* {refundable under special circumstances*}

  • Hire your very own Psychic Tarot Reader at your next party for $120* per hour.

  • This includes travel, set-up and insurance. *Travel outside of the Canberra metropolitan area will incur an additional travel charge – *please enquire for fees. 

  • If the Party is of large size Fran may bring a colleague to assist in the readings

  • A non-refundable deposit of $120.00* is required to secure your event date. The final amount is payable 7 days prior to the event. 

  • Payment is accepted via PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit. 

  • All prices are in AUD

  • A Minimum of 2 Hours Required

  • About Your Event* 

  • Tell me about the event you are hosting, including the number of people, type of event, actual location (e.g. your home, functions room, events, shops etc.) 

 Please keep in mind that Fran will possibly need to have 5 to 10 mins break in between readings depending on amount of people at your event.



Actual results may vary for each individual. (We) National Alternative and Holistic Health Clinic (Infinite Rainbow Tarot Card Readings) (Frances Walker) do not give or dispense any pregnancy or medical advice and/or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of any treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor, specialist or any type of medical advisors either directly or indirectly. (Our) National Alternative and Holistic Health Clinic' intention is to offer a variety of alternative healings, readings, courses, information and tools to help the client, student and visitor in their quest for spiritual growth, their emotional and physical well-being.


  • 15 Mins Full Path Arthurian Tarot Card Reading and your questions answered​= Price $25.00*

  • 30 Mins Arthurian Tarot Card Reading with Angel Cards + Affirmations and your questions answered  Price $45.00*

  • 45 Mins Arthurian Tarot Card Reading with Angel Cards + Affirmations and your questions answered = Price $65.00

  • 60 Mins Full Path Arthurian Tarot Card Reading with Angel Cards + Affirmations and your questions answered = Price $85.00*

 Hosting your very own Psychic Tarot party is easy!​

  • Simply set aside a private, quiet space where for the Readings and/or Healings. Fran will just need a table and two chairs also room to place a treatment bed if Healings are being done.


  • At the start of the party or event, Fran will introduce herself and provide a sign-up sheet for your guests to book a party time if they would like to.

  • Tarot party readings are designed to be fast, accurate and insightful, getting straight to the point in a short period of time.

  • Tarot readings can be between 10 and 30 minutes long, depending on the number of people attending your event and the number of hours booked.  

  • For small groups of 6-10 people, we recommend a 3 or 4 hour package with 20-25 minute Tarot readings for each person.

  • For medium groups of 10-20 people, we recommend a 4 hour package with 10-15 minute Tarot readings. 

  •  And for large groups of over 20 people, we recommend a 4 or 6 hour package with 5-10 minute Tarot readings.